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Heard Fair 2019 Winners

Ephraim Johnson

Ephraim Anderson (Diné) with his Best of Show winner, “White House Revival II,” 2019, wool.

The 61st annual Heard Museum Guild Fair & Market kicks off with the exciting announcement that Ephraim Anderson (Diné) won the 2019 Best of Show for his woven textile, White House Revival II. Howard R. and Joy M. Berlin and Kristine and Leland W. Peterson funded the generous $10,000 Best of Show prize. This year Anna Flynn is serving as fair chair, and director of the Heard Museum, David Roche, announced the award winners.

This year, the classification X Open Standards classification is new, while the classifications X Beadwork and Quillwork and XI Cutting Edge are out. A newly-minted special award added this year is the Idyllwild Arts Imagination Award, sponsored by the Idyllwild Arts Foundation. First American Art Magazine sponsored the Innovation Award for Diverse Arts.

Classification Winners

I. Jewelry and Lapidary

  • Best of Classification: Liz Wallace (Navajo/Washoe/Maidu)

II. Pottery

  • Best of Classification: Daryl Whitegeese (Pojoaque/Santa Clara Tewa)

III. Paintings, Drawings, Graphics, & Photography

  • Best of Classification: Thomas Tapia (Tesuque Tewa)

IV. Pueblo Carvings

  • Best of Classification: Donald Lomawunu Sockyma (Hopi)

V. Sculpture

  • Best of Classification: Cliff Fragua (Jemez)

VI. Weavings & Textiles

  • Best of Classification: Ephraim Anderson (Diné)

VII. Diverse Art Forms

  • Best of Classification: Rhonda Holy Bear (Cheyenne River Lakota)

VIII. Baskets

  • Best of Classification: Don Johnston (Qagan Tayagungin Unangax̂)

IX. Personal Attire

  • Best of Classification: Leah Mata-Fragua (Northern Chumash)

XI. Open Standards

  • Best of Classification: Terrol Dew Johson (Tohono O’odham)

Youth Awards

  • Ages 12–14: Terion T. John (Diné)
  • Ages 15–17: Isaiah Begay (Diné)

Idyllwild Arts Imagination Award

  • Kevin Pourier (Oglala Lakota)

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