Masked Heroes: Four-Leggeds


The virtual exhibition, Masked Heroes: Facial Coverings by Native Artists, is broken into themes based on subject matter. Four-Leggeds includes the mammals and an amphibian, many of which are culturally significant, especially the horse, bison, and canines.

  • Lily Hope
    Lily Hope (Tlingit), "Chilkat Protector," thigh-spun merino and cedar bark warp, merino weft yarns, tin cones, ermine fur. Finger-twined and three-strand braids on an upright frame, with tension controlled by fingers/hands only. ... That’s what art means. It means our teachers don’t die. It means the spirit of all things lives on in us, in our art. We have a responsibility to honor and carry on the teachings, to keep creating, to share our version of spirit with others, so when we pass, we’ve left the world more beautiful, through our weavings and through a joyful spirit.

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