Indigenous art. Indigenous perspectives.

Issue No. 1, Fall 2013





  • Cultural Heritage, Art, and Living Beings: Justice Lost in Translation, by Suzan Shown Harjo (Cheyenne-Holdulgee Muscogee)
  • Top of the World Bound: Seven Pacific Northwest Coast, Alaskan, and Canadian First Nations
    Artists Reflect on Challenge, Opportunity, and Santa Fe Indian Market
    by RoseMary Diaz
    (Santa Clara Pueblo)
  • Stitches in Time: The Rebirth of Southeastern Woodlands Beadwork, by America Meredith (Cherokee Nation)
  • Colorado River Geoglyphs: Guardians of a Sacred Landscape, by America Meredith

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 Artist Profiles

  • Nani Chacon (Diné-Xicana painter and muralist), by Suzanne Fricke, PhD (Jewish-American)
  • Shan Goshorn (Eastern Band Cherokee multidisciplinary artist), by JoKay Dowell (Quapaw)
  • Dylan Miner (Métis printmaker and installation artist), by America Meredith (Cherokee Nation)
  • Ken Williams (Northern Arapaho-Seneca beadwork artist), by Teri Greeves (Kiowa–Comanche)


  • Exploring Native Graphic Design: Activism and Design, by Neebinnaukzhik Southall (Rama First Nation Chippewa)
  • How Not to Write an Article on Native Artists: Advice to Journalist X, by Melissa Melero (Fallon Paiute-Modoc)
  • Papyrus: The Power of Bad Fonts by Roy Boney Jr. (Cherokee Nation)
  • Comic: Inner-City Southwestern Disenchantment by Daniel McCoy Jr. (Muscogee Creek-Citizen Band Potawatomi)
  • Recent Developments
  • In Memoriam: Maria Tallchief, by Denise Neil-Binion (Delaware-Cherokee); Carl Ponca, by America Meredith; George Horse Capture, by Suzanne Shown Harjo (Cheyenne-Hodulgee Muscogee)
  • Exhibit Reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Poetry
  • Classified Ads



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