Indigenous art. Indigenous perspectives.

FAAM No. 25, Winter 2020

FAAM 25 cover

Cover art by Brian Adams (Iñupiaq)

Issue No. 25, Winter 2020




  • Mazinibaganjigan: Pictures Bitten on Bark
    By Adriana Greci Green, PhD
  • Seminole, Quinault, and Quileute Sharing Arts and Cultures: A 3,500-Mile Journey
    By Jessica Osceola (Seminole Tribe of Florida)
  • One Nation’s Vision: How the Chickasaw Nation Creates Culture and Community through the Arts
    By Vicki Monks (Chickasaw)
  • Instruments of Passion: Collecting Native Art
    By RoseMary Diaz (Santa Clara Tewa)
  • Collecting Native Art with a Plan
    By America Meredith (Cherokee Nation)

Artist Profiles

  • Brian Adams: Iñupiaq Photographer
    By Nadia Jackinsky-Sethi, PhD (Alutiiq)
  • Heidi K. Brandow: Diné/Kanaka Māoli Painter
    By Suzanne Newman Fricke, PhD
  • Keith BraveHeart: Oglala Lakota Painter and Filmmaker
    By Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD
  • Jaune Quick-to-See Smith: Salish/Métis/Cree/Shoshone-Bannock Cultural Arts Worker
    By Andrea L. Ferber, PhD


  • Recent Developments
  • Seven Directions: Micah Wesley (Kiowa/Muscogee)
  • Art+Literature: Eli Baxter: Ojibway Author,
    Educator, and Knowledge-Keeper
    By Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD
    Gordon Coons (Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa/Ottawa)
  • Collections: Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art
    By Andrea L. Ferber, PhD
  • Spotlight: Mama and Papa Have the Going Home Shiprock Blues by T. C. Cannon (Kiowa/Caddo, 1946–1978)
    By America Meredith (Cherokee Nation)
  • In Memoriam
    • Bruce King (Oneida Nation)
    • James B. King Sr. (Navajo)
      By America Meredith (Cherokee Nation)
  • Calendar
    By Travis D. Day and America Meredith (Cherokee Nation)
  • Art Exhibition Reviews
  • Book Reviews

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