Indigenous art. Indigenous perspectives.

FAAM No. 29, Winter 2021


Cover by Joel Isaak (Athabascan)

Issue No. 29, Winter 2021



  • Dolls of the North: Depicting a Way of Life
    By Michole Eldred (Catawba/Eastern Cherokee descent)
  • Metamorphoses in Zuni Fetish Carving:
    Three Artists Expand an Indigenous Art Form

    By America Meredith (Cherokee Nation)
  • Commodity and Heritage: Works on Paper by Myra Kukiiyaut
    By Katharine W. Fernstrom, PhD
  • Other Places, Outer Spaces: Skawennati’s Virtual Futurism
    By Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD

Artist Profiles

  • Joanna Underwood Blackburn: Chickasaw Ceramic Artist and Sculptor
    By Laura Marshall Clark (Muscogee Creek)
  • Teri Greeves: Kiowa Beadwork Artist
    By Staci Golar
  • Joel Isaak: Dena’ina Interdisciplinary Artist
    By Nadia Jackinsky-Sethi, PhD (Alutiiq)
  • G. Peter Jemison: Seneca Painter
    By Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD


  • Recent Developments
  • Seven Directions: Daniel McCoy Jr. (Muscogee/Citizen Potawatomi)
  • Art+Literature: LeAnne Howe: Choctaw Nation Author, Playwright, and Educator
    By Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD
    Artwork by Kristin Gentry (Choctaw Nation)
  • Collections: National Museum of Wildlife Art
    By Andrea L. Ferber, PhD
  • Exhibition Reviews + Report
  • Book Reviews
  • In Memoriam
    • Anthony Gauthier (Menominee/Ho-Chuck, 1942–2020)
      By America Meredith (Cherokee Nation)
    • Irving Toddy (Navajo, 1951–2020)
      By America Meredith (Cherokee Nation)
    • Kathy Wallace (Hupa/Karuk/Yurok, 1946–2020)
      By Nanette Kelley (Osage Nation/Cherokee Nation)

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