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FAAM No. 34, Spring 2022

FAAM No. 34

Cover art by Jim Yellowhawk (Cheyenne River Lakota/Onondaga), “Off to the 49,” 2008, pen and ink, color pencil, marker on antique paper, 7 7/8 × 7 7/8 in., private collection. Image courtesy of the artist.

Issue No. 34, Spring 2022



  • Legends on Two Wheels: Motorcycles and Bikers in Ledger Art
    By James G. Bland
  • Onöndowa’ga:’ Combs: An Historic Seneca Art Form Revived
    By Joe Stahlman, PhD (Tuscarora descent) and Hayden Haynes (Seneca)
  • Digital Fine Art Printmaking: Unlocking New Visual Possibilities
    By Suzanne Newman Fricke, PhD
  • Nasca Ceramics: Life and Death in Polychrome
    By America Meredith (Cherokee Nation)

Artist Profiles

Jennifer Sapiel Neptune

Miniature sweetgrass acorn basket with black ash by Jennifer Sapiel Neptune (Penobscot

  • Sterlin Harjo: Seminole/Muscogee Filmmaker, Producer, and Podcaster
    By Vicki Monks (Chickasaw)
  • Peter B. Jones: Onondaga Ceramic Artist
    By Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD
  • Wanesia Misquadace: Fond du Lac Ojibwe Birchbark Biter and Jeweler
    By Paige Willett (Citizen Potawatomi)
  • Jennifer Sapiel Neptune: Penobscot Basket Weaver and Beadwork Artist
    By Kelly Church (Gun Lake Pottawatomi/Ottawa/Ojibwe)


  • Recent Developments
  • Seven Directions: Nonabah Sam (Diné/(Diné/Tesuque Pueblo)
  • Art+Literature: Jennifer Foerster: David Heska Wanbli Weiden: Sicangu Lakota Novelist
    By Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD
  • Calendar by Staci Golar and America Meredith
  • Exhibition Reviews
  • Music Review
  • Book Review
  • In Memoriam
    • Mary Lou Davis (Caddo, 1925–2022)
      By Mary Ellen Meredith (Cherokee Nation)
    • Jim Denomie (Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe, 1955–2022)
      By Heid E. Erdrich (Turtle Mountain Ojibwe)
    • Betty Jean Fragua (Jemez Pueblo, 1962–2022)
      By America Meredith (Cherokee Nation), with assistance from Cliff Fragua (Jemez Pueblo)
    • Dave “Strummin’ Dog” Galanin (Tlingit, 1955–2021)
      By Stacy Pratt, PhD (Mvskoke)
    • Austin Real Rider (Pawnee/Sicangu Lakota, 1941–2022)
      By Jackie Sevier (Northern Arapaho)

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