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2022 Heard Fair Award Winners

Arthur Holmes Jr., Hopi

Best of Show winner Arthur Holmes Jr. (Hopi) and his family with his cottonwood root sculpture, “Reaching Out for Strength, Encouragement.” Photo: Paul Niemi, Tombolo Art Media.

Arthur Holmes Jr. (Hopi) won the Best of Show at the 64th annual Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair and Market for his exquisite katsina carving in cottonwood root.

While entries were fewer this year, the quality and diversity of the artworks — coming from local Navajo and Hopi tribes and from across the continent in Maine and Alaska — were stunning.

Classification winners are as follows. Click on image to enlarge.

Classification Winners

I. Jewelry and Lapidary

  • Best of Classification: Lyndon Tsosie (Navajo), Origin of Life Through Light
Lyndon Tsosie

Lyndon Tsosie (Navajo), Best of I Jewelry and Lapidary Work

II. Pottery

  • Best of Classification: Alvina Yepa (Jemez Pueblo), Hummingbird Water Jar
Alvina Yepa

Alvina Yepa (Jemez Pueblo), Best of II Pottery

III. Paintings, Drawings, Graphics, & Photography

  • Best of Classification: Carlin Bear Don’t Walk (Crow/Northern Cheyenne), These Dayz
Carlin Bear Don't Walk

Carlin Bear Don’t Walk (Crow/Northern Cheyenne), Best of III 2-Dimensional Art

IV. Pueblo Carvings

  • Best of Classification: Arthur Holmes Jr. (Hopi), Reaching Out for Strength Encouragement
Arthur Holmes Jr.

Arthur Holmes Jr. (Hopi), Best of Show and Best of IV Pueblo Carvings Classification

V. Sculpture

  • Best of Classification: Tim Washburn (Navajo), Holding on to Traditions and Looking Forward
Tim Washburn

Tim Washburn (Navajo), Best of V Sculpture

VI. Weavings & Textiles

  • Best of Classification: Mary Henderson Begay (Navajo), Ganado Red Chief Blanket
Mary Henderson Begay

Mary Henderson Begay (Navajo), Best of VI Weavings and Textiles Classification

VII. Diverse Art Forms

  • Best of Classification: Elias Not Afraid (Apsáalooke), Life After Death
Elias Not Afraid

Elias Not Afraid (Apsáalooke), Best of VII Diverse Art Forms

VIII. Baskets

  • Best of Classification: Jeremy Frey (Passamaquoddy), Fine Weave
Jeremy Frey

Jeremy Frey (Passamaquoddy), Best of VIII Baskets Classification

IX. Personal Attire & Accessories

  • Best of Classification: Elias Not Afraid (Apsáalooke), Spiked Ermine Tail Clutch
Elias Not Afraid

Elias Not Afraid (Apsáalooke), Best of VII Diverse Art Forms

XI. Open Standards

  • Best of Classification: Rain Scott (Acoma), Minah’ Dee (Keeper of the Salt)
Rain Scott

Rain Scott (Acoma), Best of XI Open Standards

Conrad House Award (Best of Innovation)

  • Jamie Okuma (Luiseño/Shoshone-Bannock), Becoming
Jamie Okuma

Jamie Okuma (Luiseño/Shoshone-Bannock), Conrad House Innovation Award

Idyllwild Arts Imagination Award

  • Cara Romero (Chemehuevi), 3 Sisters
Cara Romero

Cara Romero (Chemehuevi), Idyllwild Arts Imagination Award



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