Indigenous art. Indigenous perspectives.

Issue No. 6, Spring 2015

FAAM No. 5 cover

FAAM No. 6 cover art by Alex J. Peña (Comanche/Pawnee/San Ildefonso).

Issue No. 6, Spring 2015

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  • Dancing with Fire: The Majestic and Dangerous Work of Grupo Sotz’il, by Heidi McKinnon, 16–23
  • The Musical Instruments, by Heidi McKinnon, 23
  • Storming Canada: Carl Ray, Indigenous Representation, and the Sacred Legends, by Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD, 24–29
  • Tarahumara People and Their Art: When the Ordinary Becomes Unique, by Cathy Short (Citizen Potawatomi), 30–39
  • Through the Sacred Circle: A Brief History of the Hoop Dance in North America, by RoseMary Diaz (Santa Clara Pueblo), 40–45

Artist Profiles

  • Judith Lowry: Mountain Maidu-Pit River-Washoe Painter, by Melissa Melero (Northern Paiute-Modoc), 50–55
  • Nadia Myre: Algonquin Interdisciplinary Artist, by Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD, 56–61
  • Alex J. Peña: Comanche-Pawnee-San Ildefonso Printmaker, by Suzanne Newman Fricke, PhD, 62–67
  • Troy Sice: Zuni Sculptor, by America Meredith (Cherokee Nation), 68–73


  • Recent Developments, by FAAM Staff, 10–11
  • Seven Directions | Gloria Bell (Métis), 12–13
  • Exploring Native Graphic Design | Byting Willows: Showcasing Excellence in Diné Basket Designs, by Katja Lehmann, 14–15
  • Art+Lit | Cedar Sigo (Suquamish) and Topaz Jones (Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of the Duck Valley Reservation)
    • Cedar Sigo: Suquamish Poet, interview by Reid Gómez (Navajo), 89–91
    • Green Rainbow Song, poem by Cedar Sigo (Suquamish), 92
    • Things to Do in Suquamish, poem by Cedar Sigo (Suquamish), 93
    • Topaz Jones (Shoshone-Lummi-Kalapuya-Molalla), artwork and bio, 92–93
  • In Memoriam
    • Gina Gray (Osage, 1954–2014), by Louis Gray (Osage), 86
    • Bobby Kenneth Hicks (Muscogee, 1934–2014), by Joseph Erb (Cherokee Nation), 87
    • Josephine Myers Wapp (Comanche, 1912–2014), by Ed Wapp Jr. (Comanche-Sac and Fox), 88


  • Exhibition Reviews
    • Anchorage, Rolled & Reliefed, Anchorage Community Works, by Anna Hoover (Unangax), 74–75
    • Minneapolis, On Fertile Ground: Native Artists in the Upper Midwest, All My Relations Arts, by Mason Riddle, 75–76
    • St. Paul, Connecting the Past to the Future: Contemporary Native Portraits, Gordon Parks Gallery, Metropolitan State University, 77
    • Santa Fe, Courage and Compassion: Native Women Sculpting Women, Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, by America Meredith (Cherokee Nation), 78–79
    • Tulsa, Here & Now: Contemporary Native American Art of Oklahoma, 108 Contemporary, by Mary Ellen Meredith (Cherokee Nation), 79–80
    • Tulsa, Impact: Philbrook Indian Annual, Philbrook Museum of Art, by Scott W. Hale, 80–81
  • Book Reviews
    • For a Love of His People: The Photography of Horace Poolaw, Nancy Marie Mithlo, ed. (Yale University Press, 2014), review by America Meredith (Cherokee Nation), 82
    • Native North American Art, 2nd Edition, Janet Catherine Berlo and Ruth B. Phillips (Oxford University Press, 2014), review by Jean Merz-Edwards, 83
    • Red: A Haida Manga, Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas (Douglas & McIntyre, 2014), review by Michael Sheyahshe (Caddo), 84
  • Report
    • Kamloops, unlimited edition, Kamloops Art Gallery, report by Tania Willard (Secwépemc), 85



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