Indigenous art. Indigenous perspectives.

Issue No. 8, Fall 2015


FAAM8Issue No. 8, Fall 2015



  • Ga ni tha, Three Native Women, and the Venice Biennale, by John Paul Rangel, PhD
  • The Continuum of Plains Pictorial Tradition, by heather ahtone (Choctaw-Chickasaw) and Joe D. Horse Capture (A’aninin)
  • Asleep and Awake: Contemporary Indigenous Video Art and the Politics of Presence, by Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD
  • Zapotec Day of the Dead, by Kevin Simpson
  • Ascending New Heights: Four Artists to Watch, by America Meredith (Cherokee Nation)

Artist Profiles

  • Jackie Larson Bread, Blackfeet Beadwork Artist, by Jean Merz-Edwards
  • Brent Greenwood, Chickasaw-Ponca Painter, by America Meredith
  • Bobby C. Martin, Muscogee Creek Printmaker, by Roy Boney Jr. (Cherokee Nation)
  • Christine Nofchissey Horse, Navajo Ceramic Artist, by Kim Baca (Navajo-Santa Clara)


  • Recent Developments (news)
  • Seven Directions with Michole Eldred (Catawba Nation-Eastern Band Cherokee)
  • Literature + Art: interview with Joy Harjo-Sapulpa (Muscogee), by Yvonne N. Tiger (Seminole-Muscogee-Cherokee) with artwork by Dana Tiger (Muscogee-Seminole-Cherokee)
  • Exploring Native Graphic Design: The Artistry of Indigenous Video Games, by Elizabeth LaPensée, PhD
  • Everything You Create Is Protected by Copyright Law, by Kevin Kemper, PhD, LLM
  • In Memoriam
    • Joseph Jacobs (Cayuga), by America Meredith
    • Michael “Huzo” Paddlety (Kiowa), by Maya Torralba (Kiowa)
  • Art Exhibit Reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Music Reviews
  • Reports

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