Indigenous art. Indigenous perspectives.

Lighting Pathways


Tentative title: Lighting Pathways: Matriarchs of Native American Art

Suggestion welcome.


  1. Mary Adair (Cherokee Nation)
  2. Sharron Ahtone Harjo (Kiowa)
  3. Adeline Chaddlesone (Kutenai)
  4. Brenda Kennedy Grummer (Citizen Potawatomi) 
  5. Ruthe Blalock Jones (Shawnee/Delaware/Peoria) 
  6. Jane Osti (Cherokee Nation) 
  7. Virginia Stroud (Keetoowah Cherokee/Muscogee) 

Venue: National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Silberman Gallery, 1700 NE 63rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Timeframe: February to May 2024

Contacts: Tahnee Ahtone, guest curator; America Meredith, guest curator; and Eric Singleton, facilitator and NCWHM curator of ethnology

Artworks: approximately 35 artworks total, about five works per artist. Top priority will be works in the NCWHM’s collection. Others can be drawn from the artists’ collections; J.W.W. Wiggins Native American Art Collection at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock; Philbrook Art Museum; and private collections near Oklahoma City.


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