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Masked Heroes: Facial Coverings by Native American Artists


Masked Heroes openingMasked Heroes: Facial Coverings by Native Artists

We have received an astonishingly large number of fantastic entries from coast to coast. Judging is taking place right. Due to the overwhelming response and the editing and formating process taking longer than expected, this virtual art exhibition’s opening will be Tuesday, April 28, 2020. Apologies for the continued delay!

This crisis is a time of sorrow and fear. Within this darkness is light—the generosity of artists turning their skills toward making masks for their friends and family but also for healthcare workers and other essential workers on the frontlines. This small art online art exhibition is our way of shining a mirror on this light. Art is social, but we can’t throw a reception or gathering right now. We can host an online art exhibition to show FAAM’s appreciation for these artists. Wearing masks in public isn’t a social norm yet but has to become one immediately, so we can protect those around us when we go out. By showcasing the beauty of these masks, we can see them as symbols of hope and love and our desire to protect those we encounter—whether friend or stranger.

Online art exhibition

We wish to celebrate and showcase the incredible ingenuity of Native artists in creating facial coverings recommended to be worn by the CDC. These exemplify the utilitarian aspect of Indigenous art. Because the masks protect the public, not the wearer, they embody the spirit of supporting and safeguarding the community.

Limit four entries per artist.


FAAM editorial advisory board, regional representatives, staff, and writers have ranked artworks through a blind and anonymous process.

Winners publically announced on the evening of Tuesday, April 28, 2020!

  • First place: one half-page ad in FAAM No. 27, Summer 2020 (value $750) + $100 cash
  • Second place: one quarter-page ad in FAAM No. 27, Summer 2020 (value $425) + $75 cash
  • Third place: one three-month web ad on the FAAM website (value $290) + $50 cash
  • Judge’s Choice award: Each judge may select one artist, who will receive a subscription to First American Art Magazine.


  • Is this show limited to artists from the United States?
    Absolutely not. It is open to all artists who are Indigenous to the Americas (Greenland to Tierra del Fuego) no matter where they live.
  • Do masks need to be mask from cloth?
    No, masks can be made from any materials.
  • Do they need to be fully functional?
    No, they can simply be artworks.
  • Can I enter a premade mask that I painted or otherwise embellished?
    No, since this is a mask show, the artist needs to have constructed the mask. An artist can use commercially-available cloth, of course.
  • Do the masks need to be available for sale?
    No, the exhibition is simply based on photographs of the mask, so the mask doesn’t need to be available.

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