Indigenous art. Indigenous perspectives.

Issue No. 3, Summer 2014


FAAM No. 3 cover art by Sonny Assu (Ligwilda’xw Kwakwaka’wakw ).

FAAM No. 3, Summer 2014

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  • Graphic Natives: The Indigenous Narratives Collective, by Roy Boney Jr. (Cherokee Nation), 42–47
  • Wixáritari Yarn Painting: Dazzling Art from the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains, by Kevin Simpson, 48–55
  • Native Soul: The Bacone College Native Art Program, 1932–2014, by Tony A. Tiger (Sac & Fox/Muscogee/Seminole), 56–58
  • Reaching for New Heights: Totem Poles from Southeastern Alaskas, by Steve Quinn, 59–63

Artist Profiles

  • Sonny Assu: Ligwilda’xw Interdisciplinary Artist, by America Meredith (Cherokee Nation), 16–21
  • Biskakone Greg Johnson: Lac du Flambeau Chippewa Interdisciplinary Artist, by Neebinnaukzhik Southall (Rama Chippewa), 22–27
  • Ardina Moore: Quapaw-Osage Regalia Maker, by Denise Neil-Binion (Delaware Tribe/Cherokee Nation), 28–33
  • Matika Wilbur: Swinomish-Tulalip Photographer, by Suzanne Newman Fricke, PhD, 34–39


  • Editor’s Greetings, by America Meredith (Cherokee Nation), 6
  • Letters to FAAM, 7
  • Recent Developments, 10–11
  • Seven Directions: Nancy Marie Mithlo (Chiricahua Apache), 32–33
  • Exploring Native Graphic Design: Ryan Red Corn, by Neebinnaukzhik Southall (Rama Chippewa), 14–15 | Read online
  • Exhibition Reviews
    • Albuquerque, Melanie Yazzie: Geographies of Memory, University of New Mexico Art Museum, by Suzanne Newman Fricke, PhD, 64–65
    • Norman, Allan Houser Drawings: The Centennial Exhibition, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, by Denise Neil-Binion (Delaware Tribe/Cherokee Nation), 65–66
    • Toronto: Kenojuak Ashevak: In Memoriam, Isadore and Rosalie Sharp Gallery, Art Gallery of Ontario, by Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD, 66–67
  • Report
    • Kaikohe, Aotearoa: Kokiri Putahi, 7th International Indigenous Visual Arts Gathering, by Linley B. Logan (Tonawanda Seneca) [New Zealand], 67–68
  • Book Reviews
    • Before and After the Horizon: Anishinaabe Artists of the Great Lakes, edited by David W. Penney and Gerald McMaster (Smithsonian Institution, NMAI, 2013), review by Denise Neil Binion (Delaware Tribe/Cherokee Nation), 68–70
    • Jaune Quick-to-See Smith: An American Modernist, by Carolyn Kastner (University of New Mexico Press, 2013),  review by America Meredith (Cherokee Nation), 70–72
    • Modern Spirit: The Art of George Morrison, by W. Jackson Rushing III (University of Oklahoma Press, 2013), review by Denise Neil Binion (Delaware Tribe/Cherokee Nation), 72–74
  • Opinion | Beginner’s Luck: A Collector’s Point of View, by Franci Hart, 75
  • Poetry | White Nude, by Bob Haozous ((Warm Springs Chiricahua Apache)), 76–77
  • In Memoriam
    • Bill Soza Warsoldier (Soboba Cahuilla-Apache, 1949–2014), by James Fendenheim (Tohono O’odham) and Magdalena Velasco (Yaqui/Kickapoo descent), 78



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