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SFIM16 Style

Maya Stewart

Designs by Maya Stewart (Chickasaw)

When it comes to high-end Native fashion, Indian Market marks the spot and begin with the Edge sneak preview. For both designers and style-savvy buyers, respectively, Edge teased the audience with the latest Native fashions and promised more to come. Saturday, the Haute Couture and Prêt-à-Porter show opened to an eager crowd, jostling for a view, at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center. Then on Sunday, the Native American Clothing Contest showcased adult and children’s regalia on the main stage at the Santa Fe Plaza.

Patricia Michaels design

Design by Patricia Michaels (Taos)

From the adrenaline-inducing opening dance act to the last model to float down the catwalk, the audience was completely invested in the experience. Gowns flowed, dresses flounced, skirts twirled, all in time to an eclectic and sometimes high-octane soundtrack. Not an eye wandered from the coolly coiffed cohorts who brought to life the carefully curated collection. For almost an hour, Couture was the cause and fixed-gaze contemplation the effect.

Kona Mirabel

Kona Mirabal (Taos) modeling at Indian Market “Edge”

With 2016 marking its third consecutive year, it’s a safe bet that Haute Couture’s runway will be part of Indian Market for many years to come. And judging from the standing room only crowd, which was quite forgiving of the few and to-be-expected delays in timing, music, and adjustments of the models’ walking order, it has become a must-see attraction.


Crystal World

Designer Crystal Worl (Tlingit/Athabascan) and Model

Winners | Awards Ceremony | Indian Market “Edge” | Erik Sekatau


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