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Santa Fe Indian Market 2021 Winners

Santa Fe Indian Market Best of Show 2021

2021 Santa Fe Indian Market Best of Show winner Rhonda Holy Bear (Cheyenne River Lakota). All photos © Neebinnaukzhik Southall (Rama Chippewa). Click on thumbnails to see larger image.

SFIM21 Rhonda Holy Bear

2021 Best of Show winner is Rhonda Holy Bear (Cheyenne River Lakota), for her intricate beaded sculpture, Lakota Honor—Sees the Horses Woman. Also Best of Beadwork/Quillwork.

After not being able to gather since 2019, SWAIA staff, artists, art patrons, and the media reconvened at the  Santa Fe Community Convention Center to witness the dramatic announcements of award winners. Beginning with the classification winners, announcements led up to the coveted Best of Show title. Carefully navigating COVID-19 protocols, SWAIA has been able to launch an in-person market for the 99th annual Santa Fe Indian Market, the largest and oldest continuing Native art event in the country.

“I’m grateful to SWAIA. Somehow you pulled this off. Unbelievable!” acknowledged Diverse Arts–winner Dana Warrington (Menominee/Potawatomi).

SWAIA director Kim Peone (Colville/Eastern Cherokee) and SWAIA artist services Eric Villegas (Acoma) announced the winners. The artists delivered moving speeches about the challenges they faced, including Robert Patricio (Acoma) who had suffered a debilitating accident. He could barely speak and couldn’t lift things without assistance but was still able to create the Best of Pottery piece. Artists thanked their families and spoke to those that they had lost during the ongoing pandemic. “My piece represents healing among us,” shares Best of Sculpture–winner Raymond Chee Sr. (Navajo/Apache).

SFIM21 Denise Wallace

I. Jewelry: Denise Wallace (Unangax)

The 2021 Best of Show winner is Rhonda Holy Bear (Cheyenne River Lakota), for her intricate beaded sculpture, Lakota Honor—Sees the Horses Woman. The elegant doll with a carved wooden face honors Holy Bear’s ancestor who survived a massacre and speaks to ongoing resilience.

SFIM21 Robert Patricio

II. Pottery: Robert Patricio (Acoma Pueblo)

“I was shocked when they called me yesterday,” admits Tyler Glasses (Navajo). “This is my first in-person market.” Taught by his grandmother who he lost in 2019, he wove his Poncho for Days with the rare Navajo–Churro sheep’s wool. “If someone has passed, they are never truly gone if you remember their teachings.” Weaving became his solace during the ongoing pandemic. “This has been my therapy during the last few years.”

SFIM21 Thomas Tapia

III. Painting/Drawings/Graphics/ Photography: Thomas Tapia (Tesuque Pueblo)

“I want to acknowledge the Pueblos. This is Pueblo land, and I’m a visitor here,” said Warrington. He moved back to his Wisconsin homelands at the beginning of the pandemic, and his entry was Defending Our Homelands. “We were told not to fear what was going on during the pandemic but respect it.”

SFIM21 Arther Holmes Jr.

IV. Wooden Pueblo Figurative Carvings and Sculpture: Arthur Holmes Jr. (Hopi)

The 2021 SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market Best of Classification winners are as follows.

I. Jewelry: Denise Wallace (Unangax) for Origins, Roots and Sources

II. Pottery: Robert Patricio (Acoma Pueblo) for Raining Dawn to Dusk

III. Painting/Drawings/Graphics/Photography: Thomas Tapia (Tesuque Pueblo) for Buffalo Elk Dance

SFIM21 Raymond Chee Sr.

V. Sculpture: Raymond Chee Sr. (Navajo/Apache)

IV. Wooden Pueblo Figurative Carvings and Sculpture: Arthur Holmes Jr. (Hopi) for Broken Arrow

V. Sculpture: Raymond Chee Sr. (Navajo/Apache) for Healing into the Night

VI. Textiles: Tyler Glasses (Navajo) for Poncho for Days

Santa Fe Indian Market

VI. Textiles: Tyler Glasses (Navajo)

VII. Diverse Arts: Dana Warrington (Menominee/Potawatomi) for Defending the Homeland

VIII. Beadwork/Quillwork: Rhonda Holy Bear (Cheyenne River Lakota) for Lakota Honor-Sees the Horses Woman

SFIM21 Dana Warrington

VII. Diverse Arts: Dana Warrington (Menominee/Potawatomi)

IX. Youth: Aydrian James Day (Ho-Chunk/Lakota/Anishinaabe) for Mishkiikii Ode (Medicine of the Heart)

SFIM21 Aydrian James Day

IX. Youth: Aydrian James Day (Ho-Chunk/Lakota/ Anishinaabe)

X. Moving Images: on hiatus

XI. Basketry:  Jeremy Frey (Passamaquoddy) for Malsom (Wolf)

The only special awards were second and third for Youth Classification and Native American Art Magazine bestowed their excellence award on Wilmetta Kayquoptewa (Hopi).

SFIM21 Jeremy Frey

XI. Basketry:  Jeremy Frey (Passamaquoddy)


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