Indigenous art. Indigenous perspectives.


  1. Thank you for variety; different artists, cultures, nations all introduced. I’m interested in a part history, and a part content contemporary. The articles are well written. Thank you for the writers! I’m especially interested in historical background and techniques of artists. Why does the artist use this material? This particular piece says why an artist uses glass for example. The significance of a color? Where is the bead from? You have an excellent magazine! I’m a fan!!!

  2. Martha L Albrecht on

    Have you considered printing readers’ comments, questions re recent articles, ads, obits, etc? I read FAAM from cover to cover, including ads, and receive value from it all. Thanks to you and your friends who put out this good read!

    • We’ll publish an overview of the results of this survey in the upcoming issue. We actually used to publish letters to the editor in the early issues, but those were ranked as least read in a previous reader survey 🙂

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