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FAAM No. 33, Winter 2022

First American Art Magazine No. 33, Spring 2022

Cover artwork detail of Seeds of Doubt, by Damian Jim (Navajo),  2020, iPhone digital painting using ArtStudio, printed on aluminum, 23¼ × 13¼ in.

Issue No. 33, Winter 2022

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  • Reaching a Sustainable Plateau: The Indigenous Artists of the Plateau and Their Reflections on the Environment
    By Nanette Kelley (Osage Nation/Cherokee Nation)
  • A Nation Tells Its Own Story: The Choctaw Cultural Center
    By Vicki Monks (Chickasaw)
  • Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual: Seventy-Five Years of Keeping Culture
    By Michole Eldred (Catawba/Eastern Cherokee descent)
  • Jean LaMarr’s Final Monoprint Workshop: Elders, Youths, and a Lifetime of Artistic Achievement
    By Beverly R. Ortiz, PhD

Artist Profiles

  • Damian Jim: Diné Painter, Digital Artist, and Graphic Designer
    By Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD
  • Lyle Mack: Nuxalk Sculptor, and Painter
    By Christopher W. Smith
  • George Longfish: Seneca/Tuscarora Painter, Printer, and Sculptor
    By Stacy Pratt, PhD (Mvskoke)
  • Pahponee: Kickapoo/Potawatomi Ceramic Artist and Sculptor
    By Paige Willett (Citizen Potawatomi)


  • Recent Developments
  • Seven Directions: Tess Lukey (Aquinnah Wampanoag)
  • Art+Literature: Jennifer Foerster: Mvskoke Poet and Educator
    Artwork by Johnny Diacon (Mvskoke)
    By Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD
  • Music: Mato Wayuhi, Composer-in-Rezidence: The Music of Reservation Dogs
    By Renata Yazzie (Diné)
  • Collections: The Penn Museum
    By Andrea L. Ferber, PhD
  • Calendar by James G. Bland
  • Exhibition Reviews
  • In Memoriam
    • Jaider Esbell (Mucuxi, 1979–2021)
      By James G. Bland
    • Evelyn Fredericks (Hopi, 1947–2021)
      By Staci Golar
    • Rita Letendre (Abenaki descent, 1928–2021)
      By America Meredith (Cherokee Nation)
    • Manuel Royce (Akmierl Au-Authm, 1953–2021)
      By James G. Bland
    • DeAnna Autumn Leaf Suazo (Taos Pueblo/Diné, 1992–2021)
      By Stacy Pratt, PhD (Mvskoke)
    • Larry Sellers (Osage, 1949–2021)
      By Stacy Pratt, PhD (Mvskoke)
    • Marjorie Tallchief (Osage, 1926–2021)
      By Stacy Pratt, PhD (Mvskoke)

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